ATS has an exceptional history

Today our economic strength, quality products, services, and the professionalism of our field associates builds on that tradition.

Our legacy of innovation means we utilize the latest techniques, equipment, supplies and actively develop our selves in what we do.

24/7 management is just a small part of the equation of our hands-on approach.


ATS has the best customer service available 24x7

We provide the level of performance expected while facilitating the level of control and communication needed to be successful.

Relying on our roots as a small business, ATS remains agile and responsive in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Always on the forefront to make our organization as efficient and effective as you need it to be.


We work with you

Ajil Technical Services has experience in servicing large to small condominium complexes, apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, rental properties, and residential properties with property maintenance and repairs and all types of complete building technical and maintenance services.

We Fix We Repair We Maintain


With our professional and trained employees, ATS has created extensive training sessions before anyone is placed on site. All supervisory and management personnel also receive specialized training before assignment to a job site, with additional training sessions throughout their employment with us.